FAB Receives Final Modernized F-5M Fighter
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Oct. 16, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The Brazilian Air Force on Oct. 14 took delivery of the 49th and final F-5E Tiger fighter upgraded by Embraer to the latest F-5M standard. The aircraft, registered FAB 4810, will be operated by the 1º/14º “Pampa” Squadron based in Canoas (RS). (FAB photo)
On Wednesday afternoon (14/10), a delegation from the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) traveled to Gavião Peixoto (Sao Paolo state) to take delivery of the final F-5M fighter aircraft modernized by Embraer. The aircraft, registered FAB 4810, will be allocated to the Pampa Squadron (1º / 14º GAV), located in Wing 3, in Canoas (RS).

The General Director of the DCTA, Air Brigadier-Major Hudson Costa Potiguara, the Deputy Director, Air Brigadier-Major Ricardo José Freire de Campos, and the President of the Coordinating Committee of the Combat Aircraft Program (COPAC), Air Brigadier-Major Valter Borges Malta participated in the event, in addition to other FAB authorities.

To receive the aircraft, test flights were performed by pilots and test engineers from the Flight Research and Testing Institute (IPEV) and the aircraft instruments were certified by technicians from the Institute for Development and Industrial Coordination (IFI), both connected to the DCTA, completing the delivery of 49 modernized aircraft of this fighter.

EMBRAER Defense & Security Contracts Vice President, Márcio Monteiro, opened the delivery ceremony and stressed the importance that this program generated, stating that the development of embedded software and the engineering involved in this process expanded the company's knowledge.

The modernization of the F-5M fighters began in 2005 and throughout this period it provided a significant technological evolution to the Brazilian air defense, with the addition of new weapons and the introduction of Beyond Visual Range (BVR) combat.

“We are ending a cycle very well concluded by EMBRAER, with everything that our Preparation Command wants. Congratulations to EMBRAER, COMGAP, COMPREP, COMAE and DCTA for their efforts to make this aircraft operational,” said DCTA's Director-General, Brigadier-Major Potiguara. The FAB delegation, made up of officers from the DCTA Institutes responsible for the modernization process of the F-5M, were also shown the production line of the KC-390 Millennium aircraft and the fourth production aircraft, which is about to be delivered to the Air Force.

The delegation was also introduced to the new multi-mission F-39E Gripen fighter, which recently arrived from Sweden and which made its first flight in Brazil on September 24th. The Gripen Design and Development Center and the Gripen Flight Test Center (GFTC) delivered the presentation.

The aircraft is conducting a series of flight tests in the interior of São Paulo and should make its official presentation in Brasília on October 23, the date on which Aviators and the Brazilian Air Force are celebrated.

Brazil ordered 36 state-of-the-art fighters from the company Saab in the FX-2 program, whose main characteristic is the technological transfer to the Brazilian industry. Based on this aspect, the project includes the Gripen Design and Development Center and the Gripen Flight Test Center.

In both these locations, Swedish and Brazilian engineers are brought together to develop solutions that the new weapons platform will require in its service career. According to Marcus Wandt, test pilot at Saab, everything is on schedule for the aircraft to reach its full capability and to meet system requirements.


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