The First Danish F-35 Is Moved by Crane from EMAS
(Source: Danish Ministry of Defence; issued October 19, 2020)
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September 15, 2020 was another important milestone for the first Danish F-35 fighter aircraft with tail number L-001.

The aircraft was lifted out of the so-called Electronic Mate and Alignment Station (EMAS), which is an electronic compatibility and assembly system. Here, since July 16, the L-001 has reviewed the final assembly of the front, center, and rear of the aircraft, as well as the wing module.

L-001 now stands emphatically on its own wheels, and can thus move further down Lockheed Martin's mile-long (approximately 1.6 km) production line in Fort Worth, Texas. The aircraft now has the double tail fins, radar, engine and other systems fitted.


In the period 2021 to 2026, Denmark will acquire 27 new fighter jets. The F-35 will replace the F-16, which since the 1980s has given Denmark the ability to assert Danish sovereignty, take part in international operations, and contribute to NATO's collective defense. The new Danish F-35 fighters will solve the full task complex nationally and internationally. The first Danish F-35 fighter jets will continue to be in the USA, and it is not until 2023 that Danish F-35 aircraft will land at Skrydstrup Air Base.

Since 1997, Denmark has participated in the development work of the F-35 aircraft, which, among other things, has ensured early involvement of Danish industry in the program. In 2007, the Danish side signed the JSF cooperation agreement, and from 2013-2016, Denmark carried out the type selection process, which culminated in a political agreement to procure the F-35 fighter aircraft.


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