The Frigate La Fayette Joins NEMESIS Off the Cypriot Coast
(Source: French Navy; issued Oct. 20, 2020)
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The French Navy frigate FS La Fayette took part in an exercise organized by Cyprus to test management of a major crisis on an oil platform and the coordination of rescue operations. (French Navy photo)
On October 14, 2020, the frigate La Fayette participated in the combined exercise NEMESIS 2020 in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.

This large-scale training exercise, which brought together more than twenty units, ships, aircraft, military or civilian drones, consists of the management of a major crisis on an oil platform operating off the coast of Cyprus and the coordination of 'rescue operations of the nations involved (Greece, France, Republic of Cyprus, United States, Great Britain).

This exercise is organized and conducted annually by the Larnaca Sea Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC).

The exercise took place in several phases, following a scenario starting with the intervention of protection teams on an oil platform after it was stormed by a terrorist group, followed by the deployment of means to fight a disaster. major and the organization of a large-scale rescue of shipwrecked people, completed by operations to combat pollution at sea.

In this demanding framework of action, the La Fayette visiting team was able to train in visitation operations on a suspect civilian building (VISITEX) alongside the forces of the Cypriot Underwater Demolition Team and share their techniques of 'investigation and security, in a spirit of cooperation and sharing.

The sea rescue exercise (SAREX) then animated the naval force made up of around twenty ships and aircraft (including an American P8, an Italian Reaper drone and a P72, the British amphibious building HMS Albion and the Greek frigate Nikoforos). Following its departure, the frigate La Fayette sent a call for help to the JRCC in Larnaca, triggering the allocation of search areas per unit. The castaways, represented by mannequins, were located and then recovered by each of the participants in their respective research areas under the coordination of La Fayette designated On Scene Commander (OSC).

Sailors and seafarers of all sides and of all nationalities were thus able to validate common operating procedures that they might need to apply in the event of a real rescue mission. This positive result was reinforced by a winching session of an AW-139 helicopter on the flight deck of the La Fayette allowing the crew to accustom the crew to the use of this Cypriot coast guard aircraft.

Engaged since August in the central and eastern Mediterranean, the frigate La Fayette contributes to the autonomous assessment of France's situation in the area and to the support of Operation CHAMMAL.


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