Over $1 Billion Likely to be Spent on U.S. Navy EW Research and Development Program
(Source: Forecast International; issued Oct 20, 2020)
NEWTOWN, Conn. --- The next several years should see steady funding for the U.S. Navy EW Development program for the advanced testing and development of communications and non-communications jammers for multi-service aircraft, helicopters, and surface combatants.

The program saw a significant increase with the release of the FY19 budget - especially for the Tactical Air Electronic Warfare effort. An FY18 to FY19 boost of $42.9 million went toward the development of Integrated Defensive Electronics Countermeasures (IDECM) adaptive radar countermeasures (ARC) and dual-band decoys. ARC integration and testing began in FY19 and will continue through FY23.

This funding trend will continue well into the middle of the decade. Based on a projection of the FY21 defense budget, an estimated $1.1 billion will likely be spent on the EW Development program through 2030.

While funding levels should remain steady, the next several months may see some program delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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