Artillery Troops in Tibet Conduct Firing Training in Alpine Region
(Source: China Military Online; issued Oct 20, 2020)
LHASA, Tibet --- An artillery brigade under the PLA Xizang Military Command recently maneuvered hundreds of miles to a shooting range at the alpine area to test the firing efficiency of a new type of artillery.

During the training in the past, the targets were usually set at the best firepower range, and it was not difficult to hit with the first shot and even every shot. However, under the actual combat conditions of long-distance and high-altitude, how to hit the target accurately beyond the best firepower range has become a challenge.

The brigade has established an extreme shooting database consisting of target azimuth, shooting elevation angle, meteorological conditions, air resistance, and other parameters. After tests in different shooting distances, weather conditions, and air resistances at different altitudes, they have worked out a complete set of tactics for a particular type of artillery to shoot beyond the extreme firing range at high altitudes.

According to the commander of the brigade, they have increased in the military training the proportion of certain challenging subjects, such as plateau physical fitness, low-light-level (LLL) night vision operation, driving on ice and snow-clad roads and so on, in a bid to let the troops have the best command of military skills and tap the maximum operational potential of the equipment.


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