In North Caucasus, Special Forces of the Southern Military District Eliminated a Secret Camp of Mock Terrorists Using Armored Vehicles " Tiger-M"
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 27, 2020)
In the North Caucasus, the special forces of the Southern Military District (SMD), using modern armored vehicles "Tiger-M", liquidated a secret camp of a mock illegal armed group (IAF) as part of a special tactical exercise.

Military personnel with the use of intelligence, control and communication systems "Strelets" worked out search actions to determine the location of a group of mock enemy, represented by the personnel of the formation.

Having discovered the location in the abandoned buildings, the scouts reported the coordinates of the object to the command post. They received a task to conduct a raid in order to capture prisoners and gather important information carriers. Surrounding the camp and moving behind armored vehicles, the scouts successfully carried out an attack of the enemy caught by surprise.

The explosive charges IM-120, flares and blanks for small arms were used during the exercise.

The purpose of the event was to prepare military personnel of the Southern Military District for operational actions in conditions of noise effects and stressful situations, as well as for the effective use of standard weapons and equipment.


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