NSPA Successfully Completes Dismantling and Disposal of 483 Leopard1 Main Battle Tanks
(Source: NATO Support and Procurement Agency; issued Oct 20, 2020)
NSPA salvaged over 24 tonnes of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals from each Leopard 1 tank it dismantled, generating revenue of 5,500 euros when sold on the international scrap metal market. (NSPA photo)
NSPA has successfully completed Dismantling and Disposal of 483 Leopard1 Main Battle Tanks, generating a revenue of 2.7MEUR.

The Leopard 1A2 Main Battle Tanks, with the 105mm cannon, were processed through on-site demilitarization and dismantling. Despite Covid-19 mandated work restrictions, the project was achieved within schedule and scope.

The project thoroughly followed all steps of the dismantling and disposal processes in compliance with the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) standards. Activities also included the professional identification, removal and treatment of hazardous material. Each Leopard 1A2 contained for example waste fuel and oil, lead batteries and 22kg of asbestos.

More than 24 tons of iron/steel and non-ferrous metals were recovered from each tank and sold on the global scrap metal market. Eventually, this project yielded a total return of approximately 2.7MEUR or 5,500EUR per tank for the owning country (scrap metal sales minus disposal costs related to labor, hazmat treatment, transportation, etc.).

For the first time, NSPA requested a detailed record of the contained materials, their quantities and sales prices. This information will set a benchmark and enable NSPA to develop dependable proposals for future projects in an area where statistics are scarce.

This project demonstrates NSPA's capability and value for Member Nations of the Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) Support Partnership. NSPA can support user nations' surplus offices by providing tailored D3 expertise, strategic planning and actual execution through a global contractor framework. Such support is equally available to non-Member Nations.


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