Modernized T-27 Tucano Aircraft Performs First Flight in Minas Gerais State
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Oct 28, 2020)
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The T-27 Tucano modernized by Embraer for the Brazilian Air Force carried out its first flight on Oct. 23; all Tucano turboprop trainers will be modernized to simplify pilots’ adaptation to the new-generation KC-390 and F-39E Gripen that are entering service. (FAB photo)
On October 23, 2020, which was both the Day of the Aviator and Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Day, the Lagoa Santa Aeronautical Material Park (PAMA LS) in Minas Gerais witnessed a major aviation milestone: the first flight of the modernized T-27 Tucano aircraft, registered FAB 1446.

This modernization aims to improve the training of future pilots of the Air Force Academy (AFA). In addition, logistical improvements were also implemented, such as the replacement of obsolete items.

The first flight was carried out by Colonel Aviator Marcelo Zampier Bussmann, test pilot and Director of the Flight Research and Test Institute (IPEV), having as test engineer Lieutenant Matheus Pacheco Guanabara Santiago.

With a duration of 2 hours and 5 minutes, the first flight of the T-27M tested various levels of degradation of the electrical system, as well as the functioning of emergency systems, evaluation of the anemometric system and the integration of the newly incorporated equipment, including a new attitude and navigation reference systems. The flight was supported by an escorting chase aircraft to ensure the safety of the trial.

“The new avionics behaved very well, despite the integration being quite complex”, said Lieutenant Santiago. “In general, the embedded system is very robust and modern. It will allow cadets to have contact with a very current platform, facilitating their adaptation to the new aircraft of the FAB, such as the KC-390 Millennium and the F-39 Gripen.”

“In the same way, the backup systems have improved substantially, increasing the safety of the operation of the T-27 aircraft in the AFA and in the current context of air navigation,” added Colonel Bussmann.

The flight was coordinated by the Director of PAMA LS, Colonel Aviator Marcelo Reed Sardinha, who highlighted the importance of the event.

“This day is a milestone for the FAB and it has been a great victory for us. This is the result of 45 days of uninterrupted work by our technicians, inspectors and engineers. In order for our dream to come true, a joint effort was made by the Directorate of Aeronautical and Military Material (DIRMAB), IPEV, Institute for Development and Industrial Coordination (IFI) and the Aeronautical Logistics Institute (ILA), with guidelines of the General Support Command (COMGAP).”

“The success of the mission, coupled with the short implementation time, is a great achievement for aviation," he concluded.


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