Joint Statement by the Minister of the Armed Forces and the British Secretary of State for Defense on the Tenth Anniversary of the Lancaster House Treaties
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Nov. 02, 2020)
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-- Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly and British Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace issued a joint statement to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Lancaster House Treaties.

-- Signed on November 2, 2010, these treaties strengthen bilateral cooperation between France and the United Kingdom in the areas of defense, security and nuclear power.

-- They have achieved significant results in operational and industrial fields, including joint deployments in foreign operations and major weapons programs.

PARIS --- The two ministers welcomed the progress made over the past ten years in the strategic, operational and capability areas. In this regard, they announced the full operational capacity of the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF).

The CJEF, which is the source of concrete advances in interoperability, is an additional tool that will strengthen the ability of the French and British armed forces to conduct joint operations at very short notice, across the spectrum of threats. This unprecedented degree of integration illustrates the specificity and depth of the defense relationship between France and the United Kingdom.

In the field of armaments, the Minister for the Armed Forces and her British counterpart welcomed the upcoming signing of the production contract for the Maritime Mines Counter Measures (MMCM) program and a letter of intent in the field of satellite communications (SATCOM).

They also welcomed the significant progress made within the framework of the Future Missile Anti-Ship / Future Cruise Missile (FMAN-FMC) project, the launch of the assessment phase of which was under consideration for early 2021.

Building on these successes, Florence Parly and Ben Wallace have renewed their determination to continue the dynamic of deepening Franco-British defense cooperation instilled ten years ago.

Recognizing the essential nature of this bilateral partnership, the Minister and her counterpart are committed to preserving its level of ambition and to working to strengthen the already close links between France and the United Kingdom over the next decade, in particular with a view to a Franco-British summit in 2021.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: See the joint ministerial declaration in full in our Word For Word section.)

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