UAC Accelerates the Integration of Military Aviation Division
(Source: United Aircraft Corporation; issued Nov 06, 2020)
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The United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC UAC, part of the Rostec State Corporation) continues to implement the program of centralizing the management of the corporation's enterprises. As part of the ongoing corporate transformation in order to create a unified company, it is planned to transfer the powers of the sole executive body of PJSC Sukhoi to PJSC UAC.

To accelerate the implementation of this task, as well as taking into account the implementation of the UAC financial recovery program, it was decided to appoint the General Director of PJSC Sukhoi Company Yuri Slyusar, General Director of PJSC UAC, from November 10. Yuri Slyusar at this stage will combine the management of the UAC and the Sukhoi company.

The former head of Sukhoi, Ilya Tarasenko, will be implementing another major project. During the leadership of Ilya Tarasenko, Sukhoi Company implemented an important stage in the transformation of the combat aviation division, prepared an updated development strategy, and optimized duplicate management functions. The Company's revenue in 2020 increased by more than 50% compared to 2019, while the external debt decreased by 15%.

The corporate transformation of the UAC includes the formation of divisions according to areas of activity, the consistent centralization of management, the elimination of duplicate administrative functions, the creation of general corporate centers of competence and service, the expansion of cooperation of production sites for more efficient implementation of aircraft building programs. At the same time, reputable design schools will continue to develop.

Earlier, within the framework of the formation of the military aviation division, the Sukhoi company was delegated the powers of the sole executive body of RSK MiG, which made it possible to centralize the management of enterprises that develop and manufacture tactical aircraft. At the current stage, the main goal is more efficient interaction of this division with the corporate center - PJSC UAC.

The appointment of the General Director of UAC at the same time as the head of the emerging division at a crucial stage occurred earlier: this was the case at the decisive stage of preparation for integration into a single division of manufacturing enterprises of civil commercial aircraft MS-21 and Superjet 100. A similar practice was applied in the transport aviation division: PJSC The powers of the sole executive body of PJSC Il were transferred to UAC, and the managing director of the central enterprise of the division, PJSC Il, combines the management of Ilyushin with the post of First Deputy General Director of UAC.


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