Chief Designer Spoke About the Improved Characteristics of the New Il-76MD-90A
(Source: United Aircraft Corporation; issued Nov 9, 2020)
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The payload capacity of the new Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft has been increased from 48 to 60 tonnes. At the same time, the flight range increased by 18 percent, and fuel consumption was reduced by 12-15 percent. The chief designer of the IL-76, Andrey Yurasov spoke about this in the Military Acceptance program on the Zvezda TV channel.

The Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of the Il-76 aircraft. Aircraft developer: PJSC "Il" - the head enterprise of the transport aviation division of PJSC "UAC" (as part of the State Corporation Rostec), which includes JSC Aviastar-SP, where the serial production of the aircraft is carried out.

The upgraded version of the Il-76MD-90A is fundamentally different from its predecessor, the Il-76MD, despite the external similarity.

The Il-76MD-90A aircraft allows solving most of the tasks of military transport aviation at a qualitatively new technical level. This is ensured by the use of a number of modern design solutions on the aircraft that meet current and future operating requirements.

The aircraft is equipped with new, more powerful PS-90A-76 engines, which provide increased takeoff and landing and cruising characteristics, increased payload, longer flight range, increased efficiency due to reduced fuel consumption and high environmental requirements for noise on the ground and emission of harmful substances.

Systems and assemblies have been improved on the new Il-76MD-90A.

“On the Il-76MD-90A, almost all aircraft systems have been modernized: the wing and landing gear have been reinforced, which made it possible to increase the carrying capacity and efficiency of the aircraft operation. On the previous modification of the Il-76 wing panels were made of 2 parts. IL-76MD-90A wing panels are made in one piece, 25 meters in length. This reduced the weight of the wing and increased the resource, and also made it possible to simplify the manufacturing technology," said Andrey Yurasov, chief designer of the Il-76.

The chassis has been modernized and designed for a take-off weight of 210 tons (including 60 tons of load), and also designed with a high margin of safety. Thanks to this, the transporter can be operated on equipped and unequipped airfields, on concrete and unpaved runways.

New KT-199M wheels of increased energy intensity have been used, which will allow the aircraft to operate in the most severe climatic conditions at extremely low and high temperature conditions. The landing gear system has been upgraded to improve control, indication and control on the ground and in flight.

The aircraft was created entirely from domestic components, equipped with domestic systems and equipment.


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