Critical Design Review of the KC-390 Program
(Source: Portuguese Air Force; issued November 9, 2020)
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The first KC-390 tanker-transport aircraft for the Portuguese Air Force under construction at Embraer’s Gavião Peixoto factory in Brazil. The program has successfully passed the Portuguese Air Force’s Critical Design Review. (Embraer photo)
Between 27 and 29 October, a videoconference was held, given the impossibility of meeting in person, the Critical Design Review of the KC-390, within the scope of the acquisition program of the KC-390 Millennium weapon system.

The conference, conducted between an Air Force multidisciplinary team and an EMBRAER team, aimed to close the design of the systems architecture, according to the requirements established by the Portuguese State, and to monitor the production stage of the first KC-390 aircraft destined for the Portuguese Air Force, at the Gavião Peixoto factory in Brazil.

Despite the difficulties in the face of the pandemic, the project remains without any delay, having been discussed at this event, the technical solutions planned to meet the operational and certification requirements established, so that the latest-generation aircraft fulfills the entire spectrum of missions as defined in the contract.


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