Naming and Launching of Fourth Egyptian Submarine
(Source: ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems; issued Nov 11, 2020)
TKMS belatedly announced, six weeks after the fact, that it had launched the fourth and final Type 209 diesel-electric submarine for the Egyptian Navy. (TKMS photo)
On September 29, 2020, the fourth 209/1400mod class submarine for the Navy of Arab Republic of Egypt was named and launched at the shipyard of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel. Following the very strict corona prevention measures at the shipyard, Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled Hassan Said, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Navy, officially named the boat “S44”.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems: “Given the global corona pandemic, we are pleased to welcome Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled Hassan Said to celebrate this very special milestone. The naming of the fourth submarine proofs how strong and trusting we can work together even in challenging times. I would like to thank our employees, who have always worked in line with tremendous care and discipline in the past work-intensive month.”

The contract for the delivery of the first two 209/1400 mod class submarines to the Arab Republic of Egypt was signed in 2011. In 2015, Egypt decided to take the option for two additional units. The first submarine was handed over in December 2016 and the second submarine in August 2017. Subsequently, the third submarine, named “S43”, was handed over in April 2020. The submarines are designed for maritime defense as well as conflict prevention, surveillance, information gathering and operations by special forces.

About “S44”: The submarines of the HDW Class 209/1400mod series are extremely reliable, can stay submerged for a long time, are fast, and are hard to locate thanks to their low signatures. The HDW Class 209/1400mod is the latest version of the HDW Type 209 with over 60 boats built or under contract.

Key data:
--Length: approx. 62 m
--Diameter: approx. 6,2 m
--Displacement (surface): approx. 1,450 t
--Displacement (submerged) approx. 1,600 t
--Crew: 30

With around 6,000 employees, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is one of the world's leading marine companies and a systems provider in submarine and surface shipbuilding as well as maritime electronics and security technology. Over 180 years of history and the constant pursuit of improvements are the basis for the company's success in constantly setting new standards.


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