Message to the Department -- Acting Secretary Miller's Goals
(Source: US Department of Defense; issued Nov. 16, 2020)
During my first week as the Acting Secretary of Defense, I have once again seen firsthand the caliber and commitment of the women and men of the Department of Defense. The American public places their highest trust and confidence in our Armed Forces because of your unfailing devotion to the Constitution, the country, and the mission.

Building on the message and vision I set forth on Friday, I am now providing a more finite and precise statement of my goals while leading this organization:

• Bring the current war to an end in a responsible manner that guarantees the security of our citizens.

• Continue implementing the National Defense Strategy with emphasis on transforming the Department for great power competition and the expected future strategic environment.

• Accelerate the Department's activities to contribute to our whole-of-government efforts to combat transnational threats.

As we embark on this clear path forward, I often reflect on the simple, yet powerful, leadership mantra of the incomparable football coach, Bill Belichick, "Do your job." We are a team, and that should be our mindset.

Focus on your assignment. Complete the task at hand. And if each one of us does so to the best of our abilities, nothing can stop us from achieving our objectives and successfully accomplishing the mission. That is what I am committed to doing every single day as your Secretary.

I am incapable of describing just how much I appreciate your stalwart service to our Nation and look forward to supporting your great efforts to protect the American people.


Christopher C. Miller


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