The Project ‘Communication for Combat Platforms’ Is Continued
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov. 19, 2020)
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The Norwegian government has approved a large-scale overhaul of its military communications systems, with the goal of allowing all components, for example frigates and F-35 fighters, to seamlessly speak to each other. (Forsvaret photo)
The Ministry of Defense has carried out a study of conceptual alternatives for the investment project P8100 ‘Communication for combat platforms.’ The government has decided to continue the planning through a pre-project phase.

“We in the government have decided to proceed with a preliminary project. Today's solutions are becoming outdated, and the goal is to realize a robust and modern concept for ‘communication to combat platforms.’ This means that the various operational units must be able to talk directly to each other and share information, such as a frigate and an F-35.

“This must be done through good communication solutions, applications and other functionality. Everything must support the various combat platforms in operations,” says Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen.

The project has a special focus on the air and sea domain, but is part of a holistic concept. In the concept, the goal is that information exchange between units in all domains is supported as flexibly as possible. The solutions that are being developed will provide increased transmission capacity and coverage. They will be flexible and easily adaptable to changing needs in peace, crisis and war.

The project has planned payments from 2022 to 2030. This means a gradual modernization and introduction of these solutions.

The Armed Forces' operational processes shall be supported by improving the ability to command and control, joint situational awareness and the use of weapon and sensor systems. The solutions must be able to protect themselves against electronic warfare, cyber-attacks and other types of threats.

“Modern communication and ICT solutions are necessary in a modern defense. By putting in place better ICT solutions, we achieve significantly better utilization of other capabilities, which are part of the Armed Forces' structure. By that we mean, among other things, combat aircraft, maritime surveillance aircraft, frigates and submarines. We get a better defense, with increased operational capability, which is better able to solve the core tasks the Armed Forces are assigned by the government and the Storting,” says the Minister of Defense.

The defense concept will be supported by the project as described in Prop. 14S (2020 - 2021). The deliveries will, among other things, contribute to strengthening national defense capability, the ability to contribute to NATO's collective defense and support bilateral reinforcement plans.

The project will realize solutions as part of the Mime program. Mime is a program for modernizing combat-oriented ICT systems throughout the Armed Forces. The system focuses on the combination of material investments and business development to create the greatest possible operational effect.

By running the project, as part of the Mime program, it is ensured that the measures are handled holistically and seen in connection with development in the other warring domains, and coordinated with other projects in the program.

The investment decision will require the approval of the Storting.


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