Signature of the Service Life Extension Contract for the Grenadier 2000 Tanks (Spz 2000 NUV)
(Source: Swiss defense procurement agency, armasuisse; issued Nov. 18, 2020)
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A week after being awarded a contract to upgrade Dutch Army CV90s armored vehicles, BAE Systems has won a contract to extend the service life of the Swiss Army’s fleet of 186 similar CV9030s so they remain in service until 2040. (Swiss MoD photo)
On November 18, 2020, the Director General of Armaments, Martin Sonderegger, and Project Manager Roger Schwenter signed the contract for the extension of the service life of the Grenadier 2000 (CV9030) tanks. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, no joint signature could be organized with the general contractor, the company BAE Systems Hägglunds AB. The latter had already signed the upstream contract at its Örnsköldsvik site in Sweden.

The contract for the extension of the service life of the Grenadier 2000 tank is part of the 2020 Army message, which was accepted by the Federal chambers in 2020. The extension of the service life is intended to allow operation of the Grenadier tank until 2040.

The program mainly concerns the replacement of obsolete components, which can no longer be maintained due to their obsolescence. To improve mobility and reduce damage to the vehicle from vibrations, the fleet will also be equipped with an active dampening system.

The program calls for the production of two vehicles in Sweden, and the subsequent manufacture of five pre-production vehicles at RUAG SA, Land Systems, in Thun. Once these pre-production vehicles have successfully passed inspection, the entire fleet will be modified at RUAG SA in Thun. By the end of the program, the troops will again have 186 vehicles, which will have undergone heavy maintenance at the same time as the upgrade. During the operational phase, RUAG AG in Thun will continue to function as a competence center to support the vehicles.

The contract with the general contractor also provides for full (100%) compensation of the value of the contract through so-called offsets. In this context, a corresponding compensatory agreement was negotiated with in advance and was signed on September 24, 2020.

This offset commitment will be met on the one hand by the work of RUAG SA (direct offset) and, on the other hand, by additional contracts that will be awarded by the general contractor to Swiss industry.


BAE Systems Awarded Life-Extension Contract for Swiss CV90 Combat Vehicles
(Source: BAE Systems; issued November 18, 2020)
ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK, Sweden --- BAE Systems Hägglunds has received a contract from the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement (armasuisse) for the life-extension of the Swiss Army’s CV9030, known as the “Schützenpanzer 2000.”

The life-extension program of the CV9030 will keep the 186-vehicle fleet in service until 2040 and significantly improve the platform’s ability in certain areas.

The improvements are mainly based on previous obsolescence issues in the area of optical, electrical and electronic components. They also include the installation of Active Damping technology which reduces wear and tear, minimizes through-life repair costs, improves speed in terrain and ride comfort. A new improved electronics architecture will support adapting to future technology growth.

The vehicles will also be fitted with a 360-degree surveillance system, increasing situational awareness, combat effectiveness, and survivability to enable safer route planning and more rapid targeting.

As part of the contract, BAE Systems Hägglunds, the original manufacturer of the CV90, has already been working closely with Swiss industry to meet the industrial cooperation requirements. The program will involve multiple suppliers based across all regions of Switzerland. Selected companies will produce items such as the next generation of electronic boxes for the CV90s, electrical cables, and mechanical components.

One of these suppliers is RUAG AG, which will provide a new auxiliary power unit in collaboration with BAE Systems. Through its role as the Material Competence Center (Materialkompetenzzentrum), RUAG is fully involved in securing Switzerland’s autonomy and operational readiness, increasing defense capabilities, self-sufficiency, and security of supply while preserving high-skilled jobs and in-country capability.

“We are truly proud to be awarded this life-extension contract by armasuisse. We look forward to further deepening the relationship with our Swiss customer and working together with the Army, as well as national and regional industry for many years to come,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, managing director of BAE Systems Hägglunds. “Together we are making sure this proven vehicle remains modern and capable through 2040 and beyond.”

This new contract is the result of effective cooperation between BAE Systems, armasuisse, and the Swiss Army. BAE Systems and the Swiss defense agencies cooperated on an initial obsolescence study, a prototype contract phase with extensive testing in both Switzerland and Sweden, and adaptations and preparations for serial delivery.

“This successful cooperation leaves us well positioned to start the production and delivery phase of this life-extension program. We are looking forward to delivering a technologically future-proofed platform together with Swiss industry,” said Mattias Strandberg, regional director for BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Switzerland is one of seven European users operating the CV90. The other six are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. With close to 1,300 vehicles in service in numerous variants, the vehicle is combat-proven and designed to accommodate future growth to meet evolving missions.


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