Exploring New Roads for Cooperation: Europe’s Most Innovative Start-Ups Digitally Meet with Thales and Thales Alenia Space
(Source: Thales Alenia Space; issued Nov 24, 2020)
On 24 November 2020 the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Thales and Thales Alenia Space are hosting their first online Europe Innovation Council Corporate Day, bringing together 14 of the most innovative start-ups in Europe. During EIC Corporate Days the European Commission connects Europe’s most innovative companies and innovators with executives and cross sectorial decision makers.

The start-ups, hailing from 9 different countries ranging from Italy to Germany, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland, will have the opportunity to pitch their innovations to representatives from Thales and engage in one-to-one’s. The companies will pitch a range of different innovations, in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) among other things.

Bernhard Quendt, Chief Technical Officer of Thales: “Open innovation is at the heart of Thales’ strategy to develop breakthrough technologies addressing the needs of our clients. The European Innovation Council Corporate Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to access some of the most innovative European start-ups and SMEs and potentially partner with them. The startups selected here represent an excellent panel of innovations in the field of AI, connectivity, big data and cybersecurity. We are looking forward to pursuing fruitful discussions with them.”

Clarence Duflocq, Strategy & Innovation Director of Thales Alenia Space: “This is the first joint event with the EIC and we look forward together with the other Thales businesses to leverage on the great potential of the selected SMEs and startups for new win-win collaboration opportunities.”

Jean-David Malo, Director of the European Innovation Council: “More than ever innovation is central to Europe’s ability to generate new jobs and sustainable growth. We need innovative ideas to tackle the major societal challenges that we Europeans are facing. The last months we have shown the flexibility and agility of the European Innovation Council, by continuing our EIC Corporate Days online with some of Europe’s biggest corporate players. This way we continue to offer ‘smart money’ to our innovators; funding but also the possibility to connect with big players around Europe.

Bridging the gap between start-ups and large companies is a vital strategy for business acceleration and growth. Today we give the possibility to innovators to turn their ideas into reality and thus creating jobs and growth for the benefit of citizens. It is an absolute win-win situation for everyone: the start-ups SMEs obtain synergies, connections and forge new business opportunities, while the corporates can identify new emerging technologies and scout interesting new start-ups.

The EIC is grateful that Thales and Thales Alenia Space have decided to go on this digital journey with us. It clearly shows their innovative nature and willingness to be on the forefront of new digital solutions.”


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