New Communication Infrastructure for the Turkish Armed Forces
(Source: Presidency of Turkish Defence Industries; issued Nov 23, 2020)
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The Presidency of Defense Industries announced on its social media accounts that the acceptance tests of the Broadband Wave Shape developed by ASELSAN to meet the communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces were successfully completed.

Broadband Waveform, an output of the ULAK project in the military field, offers a self-established and -healing MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network) structure.

Broadband Waveform, capable of simultaneous voice, video and high-speed data communication, with automatic relay capability, functions as a frequency hopping, end-to-end encrypted IP network.

Broadband Waveform makes it possible to combine voice and data loops simultaneously, significantly reducing the number of radios and frequency bands needed in the tactical field.

While IP-based communication is supported with Broadband Waveform, up to 150 users will be served in a single cycle, data will be automatically transferred between different cycles without the use of additional equipment, end-to-end encryption and protection against electronic warfare with high frequency jump speed will be provided.


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