Maintenance and Acquisition of Spare Parts for Army Helicopters
(Source: Spanish Cabinet Office; issued Nov. 24, 2020)
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The Council of Ministers has authorized the conclusion of a Framework Agreement for the contracting of the maintenance service and the supply of spare parts for the Army's helicopter fleet, amounting to 47,500,000 euros.

This Framework Agreement, essential to guarantee its operation, both in the National Territory and in the Operations Zone, is part of the application of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance programs of the manufacturers of the helicopters that are assigned to the Army Airmobile Forces. of Land (FAMET). The application of this maintenance entails the acquisition of spare parts, documentation and necessary technical assistance.

The services and supplies that are the object of this mixed contract, with a duration from its formalization until December 31, 2023, extendable for two more years, are those necessary for the maintenance of the HT-17 Chinook, HU-21 Super models. Puma, HT-27 Cougar, HE-26 EC135, HA-28 Tigre and HT-29 NH-90.

Technical reasons justify its award to the company Airbus Helicopters España, S.A as the only company technically capable of carrying out the service that is the object of this contract.


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