Rostec Hands Over Ratnik Combat Equipment to the Russian Army
(Source: Rostec; issued Nov 19, 2020)
The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering, which is part of Rostec, fulfilled its obligations under the 2020 state defense order for the supply of Ratnik (English: warrior) equipment for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense a month ahead of schedule. Almost 18 thousand sets of combat equipment were successfully delivered to the Armed Forces.

“The state defense order, despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, was completed ahead of schedule. "Ratnik" is advanced equipment without which a modern soldier cannot be imagined. It includes not only uniforms, but also electronics that help to conduct reconnaissance and transmit data in real time, protective equipment made of light strong composite materials, and modern small arms. Our equipment is regularly updated taking into account the experience of its operation. Its convenience and functionality are continually being increased”, said Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the cluster of weapons, ammunition and special chemistry of Rostec State Corporation.

“Ratnik” combat equipment combines approximately 60 elements. The protection system includes personal protection equipment; means of protection against weapons of mass destruction; small arms, ammunition, aiming equipment; a control system; life support system and energy supply. The equipment can be tailored to commanders, snipers, machine gunners, gunners and armored vehicle crews.


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