Russia Develops Jam-Resistant Munitions with Artificial Intelligence
(Source: TASS; published Dec 02, 2020)
MOSCOW --- Tecmash Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec) has developed a new analytical software for smart munitions that makes them resistant to electronic warfare systems, the Rostec press office reported on Wednesday.

"The next-generation munitions with the function of artificial intelligence are the most effective means of destruction in a present-day battle. One of the developers’ key tasks was to make the ‘smart’ core invulnerable to electronic warfare systems. The new software outshines Russian and foreign versions in terms of the munition’s protection and renders the operation of electronic warfare systems ineffective," the press office quoted Rostec Industrial Director Bekkhan Ozdoyev as saying.

The system has been developed by the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Electronic Devices, which specializes in creating short-range avionics systems for munitions. The new software is designated for its use in precision munitions of defensive and offensive weapons, Rostec explained.

The new system of radio-electronic protection has increased the accuracy of striking targets in a jamming environment: it allows receiving detailed information on the targets under active jamming with changing intensity.


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