Brazilian Navy Approves Preliminary Design of the Conventional Submarine with Nuclear Propulsion
(Source: Brazilian Navy; issued Dec. 02, 2020)
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On November 26, the Navy took a significant step in the process of obtaining the first conventional nuclear-powered submarine (SN-BR), the main object of the Submarine Program (PROSUB), by signing the Approval of the Bases of the Preliminary Project. The event took place at the Steel Structures Manufacturing Unit at the Itaguaí Naval Complex.

To contextualize the importance of this act, it should be mentioned that the Navy Commander, through Ordinance No. 332, of November 16, 2020, created the charge of Naval Authority for Nuclear Safety and Quality (ANSNQ), designating the Director-General of Nuclear and Technological Development of the Navy, Squadron Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen, to exercise it, concurrently with the other tasks under his responsibility.

This normative document also establishes the structure of that Authority, which has the task of promoting the licensing and inspection of naval means, of its nuclear propulsion plants in addition to the transportation of its nuclear fuel.

The event represents the initial step towards the project licensing process and the SN-BR construction process. Admiral Olsen, invested with the authority delegated to him as Naval Authority for Nuclear Safety and Quality, stressed the importance of this strategic framework, which directly and indirectly contributes to a pioneer initiative of historical importance, for expressing in a concrete way the dedicated and judicious treatment of the Navy with the safety of its crews, the environment and society in general, an inseparable attribute of the strategic naval environment that will materialize one of the most relevant defense bastions of the Blue Amazon.

For the ABPP to materialize, the Naval Nuclear Safety and Quality Agency (AgNSNQ) prepared a technical note recommending approval to ANSNQ, preceded by a thorough examination and improvements in technical documents that were sent by the General Coordination of the Development Program of Nuclear Propulsion Submarine, with support from the Submarine Development Center and the Navy Nuclear Development Directorate, Military Organizations attached to the organic structure of the Navy General Directorate for Nuclear and Technological Development.

AgNSNQ has taken the first formal act as an independent technical advisory body and executor of the duties of ANSNQ, consolidating the strategic importance of its creation. As a military licensing and inspection organization for embedded nuclear propulsion systems, it is responsible for integrating the naval security of the platform with the security of the nuclear plant.


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