Signature of the Contract for the Integration of the Spanish Industry in the R&D of the NGWS / FCAS
(Source: Spanish Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 07, 2020)
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MADRID --- Last Wednesday, December 2, the award of the industrial contract for the integration of Spanish companies in the rest of the activities of Phase 1A of research, development and technological demonstration of the European Next Generation Weapons System (NGWS / FCAS) was notified.

It is a continuation of the award made last November of the industrial contract for the beginning of the R&D activities of the sensor pillar, led by the company Indra, as part of the Consolidated Implementation Agreement number 2. The latter was signed on October 16 by the Secretaries of State for Defense of Spain, Germany and France.

This contract allows the participation of Spanish companies in the following pillars:
--• Pillar 1 of the New Generation Fighter (NGF), led by Airbus DS SAU;
--• Pillar 2 of the NGF Engine, led by the ITP Aero company:
--• Pillar 3 of the Remote Operators (RC), led by the consortium of companies Satnus (made up of GMV, SENSER and TECNOBIT);
--• Pillar 4 of Combat Cloud, Pillar 5 of Integration Simulators and System of Systems (SoS), and coherence between pillars led by Indra;
--• Pillar 7 of Low Observability Technologies, also commanded by Airbus DS SAU, which is also the international leader.

This contract allows the Spanish industry to participate in each and every one of the ongoing activities of the NGWS / FCAS program and constitutes a fundamental milestone in Spain's participation in the program.

After going a long way started with the signing of the Letter of Intent at the beginning of 2019, Spain and its Industry are placed at the same level as their counterparts in France and Germany in this important national and continental challenge.

Declared a State program due to its strategic importance, the NGWS / FCAS represents a unique opportunity, not only to ensure the capabilities of the Armed Forces in the long term, but also because of the necessary boost in the technological development of the defense industrial sector, of application to many other productive fields, and so fundamental in the current scenario.

The next objective in the NGWS / FCAS program is to finalize the negotiations of the following Phases 1B and 2 for the maturation of technologies and their demonstration, which is expected to take place from mid-2021 to 2027


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