Strategic Capability Projects: HX Fighter Program and Squadron 2020
(Source: Finland Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 08, 2020)
The planned service life of Hornets, Finland's current fighters, will end by 2030. The HX Program was set up to replace the current fleet with new fighters as the fighters play a key role in Finland's defence capability. Squadron 2020 is the Navy’s project that aims at replacing the seven vessels the Navy will decommission. These will be replaced by four modern corvettes.

Fighters are a significant part of Finland’s defence capability

The primary purpose of Finland’s defence capability is to establish deterrence against the use of military force and the threat of its use, as well as to repel attacks on Finland. To perform this task, Finland needs fighters. The fighter fleet’s capabilities also supplement the Defence Forces’ intelligence, surveillance and command environment.

Fighters cannot be replaced by other systems. Ground-based air defence systems and unmanned aerial vehicles would not have the same capabilities.

Read more about the project here.

Squadron 2020 is the Navy’s project that aims at replacing the seven vessels the Navy will decommission

Maritime defence is an important part of the Finnish defence system and the Navy’s capabilities have to be maintained in the 2020s. Minelayer Pohjanmaa, the former flagship, has already been decommissioned, and the four Rauma-class fast attack missile crafts and two Hämeenlinna-class minelayers will reach the end of their service lives in around mid-2020s. They must be replaced by new vessels. Research results and comparisons have shown that a multi-role corvette will be the best replacement option. These new vessels will form the backbone of Finland´s maritime defence in the future.

Read more about the project here..


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