Brazilian Air Force Receives Third SC-105 Aircraft
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Dec 12, 2020)
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Brazilian Air Force personnel pose in front of the service’s third C295 Search And Rescue aircraft during the hand-over ceremony at the Airbus plant in Getafe, Spain. Note that the aircraft is equipped with an in-flight refuelling probe. (FAB photo)
The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) received, on December 9, 2020, the third Casa 295 aircraft (SC-105), produced by Airbus Spain. The delivery ceremony, which took place in Seville, Spain, was chaired by the Director-General of the Airspace Control Department (DECEA), Lt. Brig. Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues, accompanied by the President of the Coordinating Committee of the Combat Aircraft Program (COPAC), Major-Brigadier of Air Valter Borges Malta, of the Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Brazil in Madrid, Leandro Zenni Estevão, other military personnel and employees of Airbus Spain.

“The Brazilian Air Force receives a strategic vector that ensures the ability to search and rescue in an area of 22 million square kilometers under the responsibility of the Brazilian State, or even carrying out aeromedical evacuation missions, rescue in flight, and other humanitarian missions nationwide and in South America,” emphasized the Director-General of DECEA.

Brazil, as a signatory state of the International Civil Aviation Organization, fully complies with the rules and recommendations regarding “Search and Rescue”.

According to Major-Brigadier Valter Borges Malta, “with the newest SC-105 Amazonas SAR, the crews of the Pelican Squadron will be, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, able to fulfill the mission of Controlling, Defending and Integrating airspace under the responsibility of Brazil,” he said.

Configured for the Search and Rescue mission, the new aircraft will be operated by the Second Squadron of the Tenth Aviation Group (2nd / 10th GAV), the “Pelican” squadron, and will greatly contribute to the operational strength of the Brazilian Air Force in Search missions and Rescue.


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