Camo: Franco-Belgian Partnership Around the SCORPION Program
(Source: French Armed Forces; issued Dec 11, 2020)
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Two French Army Griffon multi-role armored vehicles took part in a Belgian military parade in 2019, marking the close cooperation and interoperability that the two countries’ land forces plan to achieve through the Scorpion program. (FR Army photo)
The Franco-Belgian partnership CaMo (Motorized Capability cooperation) around the SCORPION program is based both on operational cooperation and on cooperation in terms of training and training. So, it is not just a question of purchasing common equipment, but of full interoperability in combat.

On June 21, 2019, the intergovernmental agreement between the government of the French Republic and the government of the Kingdom of Belgium, relating to cooperation in the field of land mobility, entered into force: CaMo.

This agreement aims to deliver 382 Griffon multi-role armored vehicles and 60 network-enabled Jaguar armored reconnaissance and combat vehicles to the Belgian Army, which will enter service between 2025 and 2030. These vehicles will be identical to those of the SCORPION program and therefore fully compatible with their French equivalents.

Meanwhile, the French defense procurement agency, DGA, is pursuing the final qualification trials of the Jaguar combat vehicle, whose initial deliveries are planned for the second half of 2021.

Mastering the specificities of the Griffon and the Jaguar, the Army stands ready to support the Belgian Land Component in their acquisition and appropriation. For example, it will participate in the training of Belgian soldiers.

While the Griffon and the Jaguar are currently the most visible part of the SCORPION program, these vehicles are intimately linked to its on-board command system: SICS (Scorpion Combat Information System).

The training of Army soldiers on this new information system is therefore essential.

Modernity, innovation, ease and understanding of the needs of the soldier: a new training concept is emerging today within the regiments. The end state sought through the capability cooperation put in place is defined as follows: "generate combined arms tactical groups, Belgian and French, natively interoperable."

This means that on the basis of similar equipment, with common employment doctrines and training and training schemes, a Belgian unit can, without any additional preparation, operate within a French battle group, and vice versa. This interoperability involves, for example, the pooling of training and training, avoiding redundancies as much as possible.

They began in 2020 in the field of information systems where the school of signals is already training Belgian soldiers on the Scorpion Combat Information System (SICS). The 2020 Army Capabilities Presentation (PCAT 2020) took place on October 8.

The purpose of this event was to illustrate the implementation of the strategic vision of the French Army Chief of Staff (CEMAT), Thierry Burkhard. The integration of the Belgian Army into the system was presented there. The SCORPION program will improve interoperability in as many areas as possible, such as radio communications or the use of weapons.

The CaMo strategic partnership thus opens up a new and increased cooperation between the French Army and the Belgian Army. Cross-pilot training support to the 1st African Rifles Regiment (1st RCA) will begin in 2022 for the Belgians. Pooling even goes beyond the scope of SCORPION since, in 2021, our two countries will exchange training in other related fields such as air-ground support, logistics, intelligence or engineering.

Finally, the land forces are now planning with the Belgians for the engagement in 2022 of one of their units with their own machines and under SICS with the SCORPION battle group.


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