Joint Press Release on Space Policy from Bruno Le Maire and Peter Altmaier
(Source: French Ministry of the Economy; issued Dec. 11, 2020)
Bruno Le Maire, minister for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery of France, and Peter Altmaier, minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany, discussed European space policy matters in a bilateral meeting yesterday in Berlin.

The Ministers agreed that industry and services in the space sector are key for European competitiveness and a prerequisite for its strategic capability. Independent European access to space, based on a technology-open approach within European companies, has to be maintained and strengthened.

For this reason, Germany and France are determined to successfully conclude the Ariane 6 project while at the same time urging industry to reap efficiency gains and to become more competitive.

In addition, the further development and industrial implementation of micro-launchers is crucial. Cooperation between European corporations in this field have to be market driven. France and Germany will promote cooperation in this field.

Both Ministers agreed that the European space sector needs to keep innovation at a high level. This implies, in addition to public support and commitment, an increase in private sector financing of space activities.

The Ministers decided to set up a joint high-level working group in order to identify ways to enhance competitiveness, market-driven activities and efficiency with a priority on how to prepare the future of European launchers. Moreover, the group should contribute to reaching common European positions in space policy to keep and develop the prominent role of Europe in shaping the regulatory framework.

The group should deliver a report with political recommendations based on analytical work by mid-2021.


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