Russia Sets Up Mobile Radar Reconnaissance Units
(Source: TASS; issued Dec 14, 2020)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s Aerospace Force is setting up mobile radio-technical reconnaissance units to control most endangered directions, Chief of the Aerospace Force’s Radio-Technical Troops Major-General Andrei Koban told the Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Monday.

"The Aerospace Force is setting up mobile radio-technical units to promptly boost the combat capabilities of radio-technical troops in endangered directions. Each of these units is capable of conducting radar reconnaissance over the territory comparable to France or Germany," the general said.

Russia continues work to enhance airspace control in the Arctic zone and in the country’s east, he said.

"The radio-technical troops’ units outfitted with the latest Fundament-M automated command and control systems, alert and combat alert radars, such as Nebo-M, Podlyot, Kasta-2-2, Sopka and others are on combat duty in that region," the general said.


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