Modernization of the Duros: Delivery of 264 Army Transport Vehicles Powered by 'Green' Engines
(Source: Swiss defence procurement agency, armssuisse; issued Dec. 17, 2020)
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Having evaluated the re-engined version of its Duro 4x4 utility vehicle, the Swiss Army is now slated to receive 264 re-engined Duros by the end of the year, while the 419 currently in use will gradually be re-engined by 2024. (Swiss MoD photo)
BERN --- Serial production within the value maintenance project of Duro transport vehicles has been relaunched. 264 Duros with a new engine meeting the strict ecological requirements of the Euro 6 emission standard will be delivered by the end of 2020.

The 419 vehicles already delivered, fitted with the old engine, will also be retrofitted with the new one. This solution was chosen due to the inability of the original engine supplier to make deliveries.

Due to delivery issues followed by remediation on the original supplier side, deliveries of the engines needed to maintain the value of Duro transport vehicles could no longer be secured. In the summer of 2019, the general contractor GDELS-Mowag and the DDPS opted for another solution consisting of equipping the vehicles with an F1C engine from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies).

Ecological benefits played a decisive role

The FPT F1C is a modern turbo-diesel engine that meets the stringent ecological requirements of the current Euro 6 emission standard. This choice entails additional costs, which will however be absorbed within the framework of the commitment appropriation approved by Parliament.

The ecological benefits outweighed the financial aspects and were decisive in the choice of engine. The DDPS is thus rigorously pursuing its strategy of improving sustainability.

Resumption of series production

The choice of the new engine served as the basis for getting the project back on track. Four vehicles were fitted with the new FPT engine and subjected to an intensive testing and evaluation phase. The troop verification took place in the first quarter of 2020. Following this, the suitability for use by the troop was confirmed in mid-March 2020. All preparatory work was successfully completed during the second quarter of 2020, so that GDELS-Mowag was able to relaunch series production and continue to re-equip the personnel and freight vehicles.

The first 40 vehicles were delivered at the end of May 2020. In accordance with the delivery schedule, the army will receive by the end of 2020 a total of 264 re-engined Duros.

The 419 vehicles already delivered and currently in use with the original engine will gradually be retrofitted with the new engine beginning in mid-2021. 30 to 40 vehicles will be delivered each month from the beginning of 2021 so that the project can be concluded in 2024.

Concerning the “Modernization of Duro” project

Parliament had approved the modernization of 2,220 Duro personnel carrier vehicles as part of the 2015 additional armament program. The modernization program provides for the upgrade of the carrier vehicle with a new engine with a particulate filter (now Euro 6), a new electrical installation and new vehicle lighting, a modification of the braking system, integration of ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESP (electronic trajectory control) and a new personnel transport superstructure with roll bars and 4-point belt system.

In addition to dramatically increasing troop safety, these measures will keep the Duros in service until 2040.


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