FMV Delivers Mine Warfare Management Systems
(Source: Swedish Defense Materiel Agency, FMV; issued Dec 18, 2020)
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The new mine war command system MWDS with one main system and five transportable systems was handed over to the Armed Forces this week. The new mine warfare management system, Mine Warfare Data System (MWDS), was recently handed over to the Armed Forces by FMV's project manager Magnus Örnfelt.

MWDS consists of a main system and five transportable systems. The main system will be at the Navy's Mine Warfare Data Center. The five transportable systems can be carried on board the ships that will conduct mink war command.

Each system consists of a number of color-coded packages that contain everything from computers with networks to A0 printers.

The system is very competent and will give the Armed Forces a sought-after ability in leading and planning demining missions. With the delivery, the project will be completed, but the development of the system will be continued in the coming maintenance phase.

An important lesson we have learned from the work in the project is that in those parts where a lot happens in the outside world, for example in cyber and IT security, creates a slippage of requirements which, if not handled, becomes a problem for both project and customer and supplier.


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