First Crew Trains for KC-390 Millennium
(Source: Portuguese Air Force; issued Sept. 21, 2021)
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The first crew of the Portuguese Air Force to have completed a conversion course at the Brazilian Air Force's Wing 2, in Anápolis, is pictured in front of a Brazilian KC-390 Millennium transport aircraft. Portugal has ordered five. (Brazilian AF photo)
A crew, consisting of two Air Force pilots and two Loadmasters, has been receiving training on the KC-390 Millennium aircraft since September 14, in Wing 2, in Anápolis, Brazil.

This will be the first crew to be qualified on that aircraft acquired by the Portuguese State and which will equip the Portuguese Air Force (FAP).

The training, given by the 1st Troop Transport Group of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), comprises the theoretical and practical components of the KC-390 Millennium.

Bilateral cooperation between the two countries is strengthened by the sharing of experiences. While the FAP acquires knowledge from the FAB's accumulated experience in that aircraft, they benefit from the Portuguese experience in tactical air transport.

Portugal ordered five KC-390 Millennium aircraft and a simulator in 2019.


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