Polish F-16 Detachment Redeploys Upon Completion of NATO Mission in Iceland
(Source: NATO Allied Air Command; issued Sept. 28, 2021)
Poland provided Air Policing capability to Iceland for three weeks, flying from Keflavik AFB. The Polish F-16s were ready 24/7 to launch as ordered by Combined Operations Centre Uedem, Germany. (Allied Air Command photo)
RAMSTEIN, Germany - For the last three weeks, a Polish Air Force F-16 detachment comprised of technical staff and pilots have, for the first time, conducted NATO's Air Policing mission above Iceland.

"The purpose of our NATO deployment was to keep Iceland and its airspace safe and secure. We were ready to be launched to ensure the sovereignty of Icelandic airspace and if necessary to assist with civilian airliners needing help in an emergency ", said Lieutenant Colonel Michał Kras, commander of the Polish F-16 detachment n Iceland. "In addition to several patrol flights, my pilots also carried out training flights to maintain continuity of training," he added. In total the Polish pilots spent about 150 hours in the air above the Ally in the High North.

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