The Federal Council Decides on International Cooperation in the Field of Air Defense
(Source: Swiss Dept. of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport; issued Oct. 1, 2021)
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BERN --- To ensure the operational readiness of the Swiss Army, it is important that its surface-to-air defense systems are compatible with those of other armed forces. In order to guarantee interoperability with partner states, it is necessary to develop common technical standards. This is why the Federal Council, at its meeting on October 1, 2021, accepted that Switzerland join an international group of users of surface-to-air defense systems.

In 2016, several States (Germany, Austria, United States, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden) formed a group of users of ground defense systems. air (DSA). This group allows them to exchange experiences in the field, as well as to develop and improve the capacity for cooperation (interoperability) between the driving elements of these systems.

Switzerland will join this international group of users of DSA systems following a decision by the Federal Council, which has, with this in mind, approved the necessary modifications to the agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, MOU) relating to the standardization and interoperability of the ground-to-air defense.

The convention allows interoperability and cooperation for exercise purposes.

Membership of this user group enables Switzerland to benefit from the experiences of friendly states and thus avoid certain known problems with the introduction and use of DSA systems. It ensures the interoperability of newly acquired DSA systems regardless of manufacturer and type and thus ensures the possibility of cooperating with other States for exercise purposes.

In addition to Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania are also planning to join this international group of users.

For Switzerland, the MOU enters into force as soon as all the partner states have ratified it and remains valid until November 21, 2031. It can be terminated at any time, is limited to the establishment of our own military capabilities and does not include any obligation of collaboration for the purposes of engagement.

Switzerland decides for itself on its cooperation in this group.


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