Russia’s Upgraded Missile Early Warning System Goes on Experimental Combat Duty
(Source: TASS; issued Aug 16, 2022)
PATRIOT PARK, Russia --- Russia’s upgraded ballistic missile early warning system has gone on experimental combat alert, System Chief Designer, CEO of the Vympel Inter-State Corporation Sergey Boyev said on Tuesday.

"As for the upgrade of the system as a whole, it has been successfully completed. Last year, inter-state tests were concluded. The upgraded system is ready to assume combat alert. Now experimental combat alert operations are being successfully implemented," the chief designer said.

Pursuant to the approved schedule, existing facilities of the missile early warning system are being modernized. The upgrade involves the Voronez-DM station in Armavir and the Voronezh-M radar in the Irkutsk Region. These facilities were among the first that were put into operation, he said.

The Russian missile early warning system is made up of the space-based component that integrates Tundra satellites and the ground-based segment of a network of Voronezh-type radars that cover all missile-threat directions by its continuous radar field. The system is designed to spot within the shortest time possible and lock on ballistic missiles launched against the territory of Russia and its allies.


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