Gripen Contract Signed for Czech Republic
(Source: Saab AB; issued June 14, 2004)
Today the Swedish Government as well as the Czech Government, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for the lease of 14 newly produced Gripen fighters for a duration of 10 years.

At the same time Saab is entering into an agreement with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration regarding modification and adaptation.

"Today’s decision is further proof that our export-related efforts with the Gripen have paid off, and it is an important step for us on the international market. Sweden is one of only five countries worldwide to develop advanced military fighter aircrafts, and after today’s decision the Czech Republic is the fourth country to choose the Gripen, after Sweden, South Africa and Hungary," says Åke Svensson, CEO of Saab AB.

In tandem with this MoU, Gripen International, owned by SAAB along with British BAE Systems, is signing an offset agreement linked to the main order. The agreement will enable industrial cooperation and economic development for the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic’s decision is the result of many years of selections. The country recommended the Gripen in December 2003, subsequently initiating negotiations with the Swedish State to lease Gripen fighters intended for Sweden. The Gripen was chosen ahead of various competitors.

Pilot and engineer training will initially be conducted in Sweden by the Swedish Air Force. Modification and adaptation to Czech demands and specifications will take place at Saab Aerosystems in Linköping, Sweden. The first Gripen fighters will be delivered to the Czech Republic in 2005. Saab will also conduct maintenance and service during the full lease period.

Saab is one of the world’s leading high-technology companies, with its main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group covers a broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems integration. (ends)

Gripen International Signs Agreement with Czech Republic
(Source: Gripen International; issued June 14, 2004)
PRAGUE, Czech Republic --- Gripen Internationals Managing Director Ian McNamee and Mr. Jaroslav Kopriva, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic signed the Gripen offset agreement today in Prague. The agreement was signed in support or the Czech and Swedish governments signing of the lease agreement for 14 Gripen multi-role fighter aircraft.

“I welcome the signing of the 14 Gripen fighter aircraft lease contract between the Swedish and Czech government. It’s with great satisfaction that the Gripen contract was signed, as we have been actively promoting Gripen in the Czech Republic since 1997. The agreement means that four countries including two NATO-nations have now chosen Gripen as their fighter solution of the future,” says Ian McNamee, Managing Director, Gripen International..

Gripen International has committed to generate offset and industrial cooperation to a value of 130% of the aircraft lease agreement value. The agreement includes direct offsets equalling 20% of the offset agreement’s value to support and develop the Czech aerospace and defence industry. The offset program will be fulfilled by 2014 which is 10 years from the contract signature.

“We are fully committed to continue to facilitate lasting mutually beneficial partnerships that stimulate long term growth and thereby continue the excellent cooperation that we have had with Czech Republic since 1997. We will generate real industrial growth tailor-made for the Czech Republic. The content or our offset packages has been carefully tailored based on the potential or the Czech Republic industry and economy,” says Benny Johansson Program Director for Czech Republic at Gripen International.


Gripen is the most cost-effective and capable supersonic swing-role righter aircraft in operational service today. In service with the Swedish Air Force since 1997 it will also equip the South African and Hungarian Air Forces in addition to the Czech Air Force.

Gripen International is the company which acts as a prime contracting organization responsible for marketing selling and supporting the Gripen righter worldwide. Gripen International is owned jointly by Saab AB of Sweden and BAE Systems or the United Kingdom. Gripen International combines the strength of its two shareholder companies which are among the world’s most experienced and respected manufacturers of combat aircraft and defense equipment.

The company was created in September 2001 as a natural progression from the marketing Joint Venture between Saab AB and BAE Systems established in 1995 SAAB-BAE Systems has been active in the Czech Republic since the mid 90s and has claimed pre-offset projects since 1997/98.


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