Royal Marine Commandos Unveil The Hippo
(Source : UK Ministry of Defense ; issued Sept. 24, 2001)

The elite Royal Marine Commandos today unveiled a new 50 ton armored vehicle, which will clear the way for faster and more effective beach assaults - the "Hippo" Future Beach Recovery Vehicle.

The Royal Marines - part of the Royal Navy - are a "go-anywhere" force with a vital role in meeting the worldwide need for rapidly-deployable, flexible forces identified in the Strategic Defense Review.

Defense Procurement Minister Lord Bach said:

"The Hippo is vital for the success of an amphibious assault across a beach. It can maneuver in water up to ten feet deep and can be used to clear crippled vehicles from assault lanes and recover stranded landing craft.

"We hope that these new vehicles will enter service a year ahead of schedule in parallel with the entry into service of the new assault ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark, from which they will operate."

The Hippo will replace the aging Centurion-tank based beach recovery vehicles now used by the Royal Marines, and will bring to an end nearly 60 years of service by the Centurion in Britain's Armed Forces. (ends)

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