Bombardier's Q400 Airliner Receives Approval For London City Airport Operations
(Source : Bombardier Aerospace; issued Oct. 11, 2001)

Bombardier Aerospace announced today that its 68- to 78-passenger Bombardier Q400* airliner has been approved by Europe's Joint Airworthiness Authorities for steep approach operations, paving the way for access to London City Airport (LCY) in the U.K.

"This is a great opportunity for airlines using London City Airport to expand their business with the Bombardier Q400," said Steven A. Ridolfi, president, Bombardier Regional Aircraft. "The Bombardier Q400 offers 70-plus seat capacity, jet-like speed, the range to reach more destinations, superior passenger comfort and the lowest operating cost per seat of all aircraft operating at that airport."

Augsburg Airways of Augsburg, Germany is expected to be the first Bombardier Q400 operator to take advantage of the JAA approval. Augsburg plans to commence flights between London City Airport and Munich, Germany later this month following approval from German regulatory authorities.

With its 360-knot (667-km/h) cruise speed, the Bombardier Q400 offers airlines the ability to reach additional destinations within a 60-minute flight. At about 305 nm (565 km), that 60-minute range is within 5 nm (9 km) of that of a four-engine jet aircraft and about 55 nm (102 km) further than that of a competitively sized turboprop currently operating at London City.

For airlines that want greater distances from London's downtown airport, the Bombardier Q400 will fly 425 nm (787 km) with 70 passengers, 600 nm (1, 100 km) with 65 passengers and 800 nm (1, 482 km) with 60 passengers. The Bombardier Q400 break-even load factor on most sectors is only 30 seats.

Only a few aircraft qualify for the 5.5-degree steep approaches (a normal glide slope is about three degrees) to London City Airport of these only one complete family of aircraft qualifies: Bombardier's 37- to 39-seat Q200*, 50- to 56-seat Q300* and 68- to 78-seat Q400.

"That means complete market coverage with an unmatched commonality of aircraft," said Mr. Ridolfi. "The three Bombardier Q* Series models carry a common type rating so they can be flown by a common pool of pilots. "There are common maintenance and training procedures, common ground support equipment and common on-going customer support, all of which result in immense cost savings compared to a fleet with a mixture of aircraft types."

Bombardier Aerospace, a unit of Bombardier Inc., is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative aviation products and services for the regional, business and amphibious aircraft markets. It also offers Bombardier Flexjet fractional ownership, aircraft charter and management, technical services, aircraft maintenance and pilot training for business, regional airline and military customers.

Bombardier Inc., a diversified manufacturing and service company, is a world leading manufacturer of business jets, regional aircraft, rail transportation equipment and motorized recreational products. It is also a provider of financial services and asset management. The corporation employs 79,000 people in 24 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific and its revenues for its fiscal year ended Jan. 31,2001 totaled $16.1 billion Cdn.


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