House of Commons Session 2010-12: Defence Committee - Written Evidence
(Source: House of Commons Defence Committee; issued April 2, 2012)
CONTENTS: Future Maritime Surveillance

Written evidence presented to the committee as part of its forthcoming report on Britain’s future maritime surveillance in the wake of the cancellation of the Nimrod MR4 program.

Submissions were made by:

01 Rear Admiral James Rapp CB
02 The Coastal Command and Maritime Air Association (CCMAA)
03 Sir John Woodward GBE KCB and colleagues
04 Air Vice-Marshal A L Roberts CB CBE AFC RAF (Rtd)
05 Squadron Leader R W Forbes
06 Dr Lee Willett, Senior Research Fellow, Maritime Studies Royal United Services Institute
07 Angus Robertson MP, Westminster SNP Leader and Defence Spokesman, Scottish National Party (SNP)
08 Thales
09 Raytheon UK
10 Dr. Sue Robertson
11 Northrop Grumman
12 Airbus Military

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