Statement Before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Recommendations for a Future National Defense Strategy (excerpt)
(Source: Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments; issued Nov 30, 2017)
Chairman McCain, Ranking Member Reed, and distinguished members of the Committee, Thank you for your invitation to appear before you today to discuss the National Defense Strategy.

This is a vitally important topic. In recent years, it has become apparent that we are living in a world characterized by the reality of great-power competition and the growing possibility of great-power war. At the same time, the United States faces increasingly capable regional rogues, such as North Korea and Iran, which possess or are developing nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them to great distances.

We also face the need, today and into the future, to wage a global counterinsurgency campaign against jihadist terrorist groups. At the same time, it has become painfully obvious that the United States possesses limited resources–or more accurately limited political will to muster the resources–to meet this increasingly competitive environment.

The National Defense Strategy can serve as a powerful tool to focus and organize the Department of Defense to ensure that the United States maintains and bolsters its competitive advantages in an increasingly challenging environment.

I would first like to discuss six topics that the NDS should address, and conclude with one topic that undergirds them all. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full statement, on the CSBA website.


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