Full Text of Agreement on Boeing-Embraer Joint Venture
(Source: Defense-Aerospace.com; posted Oct. 05, 2018)
PARIS --- On July 5, executives from Boeing and Brazil’s Embraer signed a 9-page agreement setting out their plans for a strategic partnership under which Boeing would absorb Embraer’s commercial aircraft business as a new Boeing subsidiary based in Brazil, in which the Brazilian government would “maintain its shareholder rights and golden share.”

Embraer would retain its military and business jet units, as well as a 20% shareholding in Boeing’s new Brazilian unit. And, as recently reported by US media, Boeing could also produce the Embraer KC-390 twin-jet tanker-transport aircraft in the United States, where it would also be marketed at a cheaper, faster and bigger-capacity alternative to the Lockheed C-130J.

The text of the agreement, as well as its notarized Portuguese translation, was posted online by the Sindacato do Metalurgicos de Sao Jose des Campos e Regiao, the local office of the Brazilian metalworkers’ union.

It was also posted, behind a paywall, by an new US-based website, which required payment or a subscription, to view it.

We have posted a direct link to the source as a public service.

Click here to download the Boeing-Embraer MoU (18 PDF pages), in both English and notarized Portuguese versions, from the SMJC website.


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