EADS to Provide Fleet Management and Support for French Military Pilot Training
(Source: EADS; issued April 24, 2006)
MUNICH, Germany --- After a competitive procurement process lasting eighteen months, the French Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded EADS the management and support of the ab initio training for future military aircrews of the French Air Force’s Flying School at Cognac.

The ten-year, multi-services contract, includes the procurement of new aircraft, line and base aircraft maintenance as well as ground-based training devices including flight simulators, integrated logistic support with supply-chain management plus infrastructure handling and will be performed by EADS Socata and EADS Military Air Systems. In addition, EADS will handle future staff recruitment as well as the transfer of existing technical functions carried out by the French MoD.

The project constitutes the first comprehensive outsourced service solution initiated by the French Armed Forces.

As the producer of the EADS Socata TB 30 Epsilon currently used by the French MoD for basic flight training and a long-time manufacturer and maintenance provider for training aircraft, we are proud to be selected for this unique service solution.

“This programme will improve flight training for future military pilots and navigators as well as making the process significantly more efficient, reducing the cost of aircrew basic training in France. This is also another recognition of our customer-service excellence in the field of Full Operational Support and aircraft maintenance which were recently highlighted in January when the French MoD awarded us an eight-year contract for the maintenance of the military TBM 700 liaison fleet,” stated Stephane Mayer, CEO of EADS Socata.

To fulfil the needs of the French Air Force’s Flying School at Cognac, where also future French Naval Aviation and French Army aircrews obtain their basic training, EADS submitted two proposals to the MoD: one based upon a fleet of upgraded EADS Socata TB 30 Epsilon aircraft, the second based on partial replacement of the Epsilon by Grob Aerospace 120A trainer aircraft.

The Ministry selected the second option, which means that EADS will operate future flight training utilizing 24 of the existing TB 30 Epsilon fleet plus 18 new Grob 120A aircraft. Flexibility and the high-potential for further development of training requirements means that the hours flown under this contract may vary between 15,000 and 32,000 flying hours. Remuneration of services provided by EADS will be based on the flight hours flown, with a minimum of 15,000 flying hours per year.

The maximum value of the contract is 175 million Euros.

EADS Military Air Systems (MAS), the centre of competence for all manned and unmanned combat aerial vehicles within EADS, is an integrated part of the EADS Defence & Security Systems Division (DS). With revenues of about EUR 5.6 billion in 2005 and roughly 23,000 employees across ten nations, DS forms the defence and security pillar within EADS.

EADS Socata is one of the world’s leading general aviation manufacturers, with more than 6,000 aircraft flying in 65 countries. EADS Socata manufactures the family of high-speed turboprops TBM 700/850, along with the TB GT range of piston training aircraft and a world class customer support organization. It also produces aerostructures for use on Airbus aircraft (including the new A380 and A400M military transport), the Dassault Falcon 7X, Eurocopter helicopters and Embraer regional jets. The company is headquartered in Tarbes, France, and its North American operations are located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Both companies are business units of EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2005, EADS generated revenues of EUR 34.2 billion and employed a workforce of about 113,000.


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