Supply and Support of Medium-Sized Battlefield Support Helicopters
(Source: UK Defence Procurement Agency via; issued Aug. 8, 2006)
(Posted on European Defence Agency’s Electronic Bulletin Board)
Britain’s MoD is considering a turnkey lease of civil-owned, military-registered helicopters to replace its fleet of Sea Kings and Pumas, like the ones shown here. (RAF photo; Crown copyright)
The UK Defence Procurement Agency seeks expressions of interest from industry for the potential provision, under operating lease terms, of a number of Civil Owned Military Registered (COMR) medium-sized helicopters for UK Forces together with associated training and support services.

The proposed contract period is envisaged to be 10 years with an expected operational In-Service Date (ISD) of 2010/11.

The solution should be capable of worldwide deployment for extended periods of operation.

The contractor will be expected routinely to provide for approximately 23 concurrent helicopter tasks, available at any time of day and consuming up to 13,500 flying hours per annum.

The [DPA] will also be interested in exploring the possibility of extending this to include elements of our Littoral Manoeuvre capability which, if pursued, would seek to provide for an additional 18 concurrent helicopter tasks consuming up to an additional 16,000 flying hours per annum from 2011/12.

Estimated Value: Category A (in excess of £400 million)


The primary task is Battlefield Lift, with the contractor being expected to provide, install, modify and certify the aircraft with necessary role equipment, including a Defensive Aids System, Ballistic Protection and Military Communications before the operational ISD and then (at the end of the lease period) remove such modifications.

The aircraft will also be expected to undertake medical evacuation and communication support duties overseas and in the UK.

The aircraft will need to be capable of single pilot IFR operations including within civil controlled airspace, and be fully compatible with UK Night Vision Goggles.

The aircraft will be operated by military crews in accordance with JSP550. Prior to the In-Service Date and during the life of the requirement the contractor shall be responsible for Aircrew Conversion to Type training, familiarisation training for surveillance operators and training of the Authority's maintainers.

The contractor will be responsible for all aspects of the aircraft availability and airworthiness, maintenance, including support to trials required for the purposes of military registration and system certification at the beginning of the contract. The Contractor will comply fully with the requirements of UK Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Notice 28, Joint Services Publication (JSP) 553 Annex G, which includes Oversight by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for the duration of the contract.

While the Authority sees genuine merit in delivering our future needs through the approach described above it is aware of a number of issues (most notably through-life affordability, value for money, balance sheet accounting treatment, insurance in high threat environments and limitations on use/ return conditions) that may impair its utility.

These issues and cost-capability trade-offs will be explored initially through a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) that will explain further the Authority's current understanding of these issues, seek the views of interested parties and details of their abilities and capabilities to perform the requirement, including as a minimum, their knowledge, understanding and experience of operating civil aircraft in a UK military environment and experience of sustaining deployed helicopter operations.

It will also be used to select companies to whom Invitations to Tender will be sent.

The Authority plans to explore, in parallel, options to extend the in-service life of existing Puma and Sea King helicopters which, if adopted, will mitigate (and potentially remove) the need for the services described above.

It is envisaged that the decision on which option to pursue will be undertaken following a period of assessment of all options of approximately one-year in duration. Unless explicitly agreed, industry will be responsible for meeting all its own costs incurred prior to contract placement. No such costs will be recoverable from the MOD. The outline decision criteria against which both operating lease and life extension options will be judged will be described in the PQQ.

This proposed contract will be subject to the Supplier and Customer Performance Measurement Process (S+CPMP).

ISSUING BRANCH: Future Rotocraft Capability (FRC) IPT; Rotary Wing Cluster, Defence Procurement Agency

- Proposed/Estimated ITT Return Date: 30.04.2007
- Estimated Value of Requirement: Category A: £400M and above
- Reverse Auction: No
- QA Standards: Certificated to ISO 9001:2000 with appropriate scope covering Design, Development and Production
- Contract Strategy: Pre-Qualification Information to be provided
- Official name: UK MOD (Commercial Services Group)
- Contracting Authority's file reference number: Possible Future Purchase/Contract No: FRC/IML/001
- Estimated start date of the contract: 1/01/2011
- Estimated duration of the contract: 10 Years
- Date of dispatch of invitations to tender to selected candidates: 1/02/2007
- Time-limit for receipt of requests to participate (Date & Time): 30/09/2006 at 17:00

Selection Criteria Types:
- Economic and financial standing;
- Personal situation of the tenderer;
- Quality assurance standards;
- Security clearance (Bidders should be security cleared or be prepared to undergo the process to obtain clearance);
- Suitability to pursue the professional activity;
- Technical and/or professional ability.


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