The End of the First Phase of the Su-35 Test
(Source: Sukhoi JSC KnAAPO; issued July 9, 2008)
The Su-35 multirole fighter, seen above at the MAKS 2007 air show in Moscow, has completed initial flight testing. (Sukhoi KnAAPO photo)
MOSCOW --- “Sukhoi” Company” has presented the newest Su-35 multifunctional fighter at the airfield of Flight Scientific Research Institute named after Gromov in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

RF Air Force commander Alexander Zelin, deputes of the Rosoboronexport Director Genera, Alexander Mikheev and Vicktor Komardin, “Sukhoi” Company” Director General Mikhail Pogosyan, representatives of the RF Ministry of Defense and group of foreign diplomats observed the demonstration flight. During special presentations the guests were acquainted with the aircraft performances, flight and combat potential.

Su-35 is a profoundly-modernized multifunctional super-maneuverable fighter of “4++”- generation. At the Su-35 development a lot of 5th-generation-fighter technologies were used that put Su-35 ahead of warplanes of the same class, including the cost-effectiveness index.

The new fighter boasts of the up-to-date avionics based on digital information-management system integrating onboard equipment and systems, a new phased-array radar providing long ranges of aerial target detection with the increased number of simultaneously tracked and attacked targets; new TVC-engines with enhanced thrust.

The 5th generation fighters will be fielded not earlier than in 2015-2017. The Su-35 fighters’ batch production and deliveries are scheduled on 2010 – 2011. Thereby, it’ll ensure the smooth transition to the next-generation aviation systems with no loss of this country’s defense potential.

The USA has the same approach to formation of balanced Air Force which though beginning of the F-22 5th-generation fighter production, has been still manufacturing upgraded fighters of the 4th generation serially (F-15E/F, F-16 block 50/52 and block 60, and F-18 E/F Super Hornet as well). Wherein, if the aircraft of two first types are produced for export deliveries, then the Super Hornet has been order by USN.

The Su-35 permits “Sukhoi Company” to maintain its position in the world market, which was gained due to the Su-27/30 family fighters export deliveries, and allows to increase the state budget’s currency proceeds from hi-tech products sale.

The Su-35 development and arrangement of its batch production is one of the priority programs of the United Aviation Corporation (UAC). On February 19, 2008 the Su-35 fighter made its first flight at the airfield of Flight Scientific Research Institute named after Gromov in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Sergey Bogdan – the Honored test pilot of RF flew the fighter and performed the set flight program in full. At Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Yury Gagarin (KNAAPO) they have been assembling two more Su-35 prototypes to join the flight test program this year.


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