Contract Notice: EDA-1866
(Source: European Defence Agency; issued Aug. 25, 2008)
--Contracting Authority:
Netherlands Ministry of Defence (Defence Materiel Organisation Procurement Branch)

--Title Attributed to the Contract:
Special operation vehicles:

--The Netherlands’ Special Forces is a military unit of highly trained professionals that carry out special assignments under a wide variety of circumstances. In order to perform their task they have a wide selection of military equipment to choose from. For their missions, they can currently choose out of several vehicles, all of which may have some advantages, but also some drawbacks. A special operations vehicle that incorporates all operational requirements is currently not available.

The Special Forces has a potential requirement for the supply of 50 (fifty) special operations vehicles -for likely delivery into service in 2010- including a maintenance contract. This vehicle will be a wheeled vehicle, with a gross vehicle weight of 70 kN, capable of carrying up to 4 (four) crew members, providing protected mobility and offering very high levels of protection against a number of known and emerging threats of a varied nature including ballistic, blast, mine and fragmentation.

The special operation vehicles are principally required for a wide range of patrol tasks and are normally expected to operate on roads and rough tracks in urban, semi-urban and rural environments; however they need to be sufficiently agile to provide a degree of cross country mobility.

A Programme of Requirements (POR) will be made available to Industry. The details contained within the POR will contain classified information and will therefore only be available to potential contractors who hold, or who are prepared and able to obtain, appropriate Dutch or equivalent national security accreditation.

The special operation vehicles have to comply with the technical requirements as mentioned in the POR. Some of these technical requirements are knock-out criteria, namely:
-- the maximum dimensions of the vehicle in unloaded situation (because of internal helicopter transport) are: < 9000 mm (l), < 2010 mm (b), < 1870 mm (h);
-- the vehicle must be transportable as underslung load under a helicopter;
-- wheel load: < 75 PSI
-- netto pay load: > 20 kN

Time-limit for receipt of requests to participate (Date & Time):
5/09/2008 at 14:00

Estimated start date of the contract:

Estimated duration of the contract:
5 Years


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