Maiden Flight of AN-158 Has Been Fulfilled without Problems
(Source: Antonov ASTC; issued April 29, 2010)
On April 28, 2010, AN-158 a new 99-seat regional jet took-off. Its construction was completed a week ago at ANTONOV Serial Plant.

The flight [lasted] 1 hour and 45 minutes. After the aircraft landed at Kiev-Antonov (Gostomel) airdrome, the flight was analysed. Sergii Troshin, captain – a test pilot of the first class, Andrii Spasibo, co-pilot - a test pilot of a first range and Nikolai Sidorenko, a test engineer, reported to Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer, about the successful performance of the flight.

In particular, Sergii Troshin said: “We climbed to 8,600 m. At all altitudes the airplane proved itself to be stable and controllable. The crew have no problems with piloting of the airplane. All airborne systems worked normally. AN-158, as it supposed, is very easy to control and gives pleasure to a pilot”.

Representatives of enterprises – partners on the programme, airlines, leaders of the state headed by Victor Yanukovich, President of Ukraine, took part in actions devoted to the flight of the aircraft. Congratulating collective of ANTONOV Company with a successful fulfillment of the next stage of AN-158 programme, Yanukovich noted: “It is a memorable event! A holiday for all participants of the programme who developed and built this aircraft including 34 enterprises of Ukraine, 120 ones of Russia and partners from other 13 countries. This programme is not only economically advantageous but a striking example confirming that Ukraine is a highly developed country. The flag of Ukraine will be where the ANTONOV airplanes are!”

Dmytro Kiva, President – General Designer, thanked all the partners with a successful performance of the aircraft maiden flight. “The work on certification, launch of the aircraft into serial production is ahead. Airlines have already been waiting for it. It is advantageous to an operator to make transportations using a family of the airplanes, in this case – AN-148, AN-158 which, being different in passenger capacity have a high degree of commonality. It means, they have a common system of pilots training, maintenance and repair,” he said.

AN-158 started to perform programme of flight certification tests, which is planned to be completed before the end of a current year.

AN-158 is the regional jet of a new generation intended for transportation of up to 99 passengers developed on a basis of AN-148. AN-158 will be able to fly:

-- by day and night all year round in simple and complicated weather conditions;
-- at a range of 70º of north and 55º of south geographical latitudes;
-- in conditions of natural icing under the temperature of ambient air down to -30ºC.
-- under the temperatures of ambient air above ground from -55ºC to +45ºC;
-- at airfields situated at the altitudes from -300m to 3000m above sea level;
-- on the international air-routes in B-RNAV and P-RNAV systems with RNP1 accuracy;
-- on SID, STAR, Approach schemes;
-- approach by category IIIA of ICAO.

The aircraft of the family have a high degree of unification including:
-- сommon chassis and main aircraft systems;
-- сommon 436-148 power plant;
-- сommon set of avionics with possibility to intensify functions;
-- сommon cockpit and control system;
-- сommon system of maintenance and repair;
-- сommon system of technical documentation;
-- сommon system of training of crews;
-- сommon passenger modules of the cabin.

AN-158 differs from AN-148 by:
-- increased number of passenger seats;
-- the passenger compartment enlarged by 2.5m;
-- enlarged volume of baggage cells in a passenger compartment;
-- improved construction of wing;
-- fuel rate decreased by 9%;
-- direct operational costs decreased by 12%.


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