Japan Looks to Greece for First Major Defense Export: Athens envisions using amphibious rescue plane for firefighting (excerpt)
(Source: Nikkei Asian Review; issued July 29, 2018)
By Masaya Kato
TOKYO --- Japan will begin negotiations with Greece to export the US-2 rescue aircraft in a deal that would mark the nation's first sale of finished defense equipment, sources have told Nikkei.

Greece is modernizing its aging fleet of firefighting planes and plans to replace several dozen. The European country has expressed interest in buying the amphibious craft produced by ShinMaywa Industries.

The US-2 has a range of 4,700 km and the ability to land in 3-meter waves. The aircraft, used by Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force for search-and-rescue missions at sea, would be fitted with water tanks for sale to Greece. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Nikkei Asian Review website.


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