Russia’s New Anti-Radar Missile Outshines Predecessor 150% By Combat Efficiency
(Source: TASS; published August 24, 2018)
KUBINKA, Russia --- Russia’s new Kh-58UShKE anti-radar missile is 150% more combat efficient than its predecessor Kh-58E, Tactical Missiles Corporation said at the Army-2018 international military and technical forum on Friday.

"The dimensions and the size of the new missile have been reduced, which has made it possible to place it inside the fuselage. It features the technology of a digital information exchange with all modern types of carriers. The missile carries one broadband homing warhead instead of five to engage targets across the entire range of their frequencies. The missile’s combat efficiency has been increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous Kh-58E version," the weapon manufacturer said.

The developer has reduced the missile’s length to 4.19 meters and its wing span to 0.8 m. The missile’s flight range has been increased from 46 km to 76 km when fired from a minimum altitude of 200 meters and from 200 km to 245 km when launched from an altitude of 20 km.

The Army-2018 international military and technical forum runs at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center at the Kubinka airfield and at the Alabino practice range near Moscow.


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