Army Begins Reception Process for New VAMTAC ST5 Armored Light Tactical Vehicles
(Source: Portuguese Army; issued Oct. 15, 2019)
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The Portuguese Army has begun the inspection, technical compliance check and track tests of the operational capabilities of its new tactical armored vehicle, the locally-developed VAMTAC. (PT Army photo)
The Portuguese Army, through the Army General Matériel Support Unit in Benavente, has begun the process of receiving VAMTAC ST5 Armored Light Tactical Vehicles (VTLB), following the arrival of the first four vehicles from the first batch of ten due to arrive by the end of the week.

The acceptance process of the first VAMTAC ST5 consists of the inspection and verification of technical compliance of the VTLB by the Multidisciplinary Inspection Team, consisting of members of the Material and Transport Directorate, the Rapid Reaction Brigade and the Communications and Systems Directorate. of information.

As part of this process, vehicles are also subjected to a series of tests and tests of their operational capabilities on the UAGME Aberdeen Proving Ground type test track.

The acquisition of a new family of vehicles imposes the need to qualify drivers to drive them, so the 1st VTLB VAMTAC ST5 Driver Trainer Training Course was held yesterday at UAGME.


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