For First Time, the Combined Units of Russia and Egypt "Igla-S" MANPADS Destroyed Helicopters of Mock Enemy in Exercise Near Cairo
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 01, 2019)
For the first time, the combined units of Igla-S man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) of Russia and Egypt conventionally destroyed fire support helicopters of the ground forces of the enemy at the joint exercise “Arrow of Friendship-2019”.

Before the beginning of the exercise, the servicemen of the two countries spent five days coordinating from the squad to the platoon. According to the scenario of the exercise, the tank units of the Egyptian group make a march to the specified area to conduct a counterattack and restore the position on the front edge. According to the intelligence data, the mock enemy helicopters have to attack the ground forces from the flank. To destroy them, one of the units assigned to the action of an ambush. Others will continue to provide cover from air strikes on the march when conducting a counterattack.

"As a part of tank division, the combined platoon of "Igla-S" MANPADS is involved. The tasks of covering from air strikes are fulfilled by anti-aircraft gunners placed on high-terrain pickups", - said the Commander of the anti-aircraft division, Lieutenant Colonel Roman Depelyan.

The exercise will involve aircraft and helicopters of the Egyptian air force. The imitation of the tank unit is performed by soldiers of the Egyptian land forces on vehicles BMP-2 of the Russian production.

To bring the situation as close as possible to the combat, Egyptian units of radiation, chemical and biological protection will be involved, which will indicate a conditionally contaminated area, and they will also mask the redeployment of troops, position and starting position of the air defense system.

The joint exercise of the air defense forces of Russia and Egypt, "Arrow of Friendship-2019" is held for the first time and takes place on the territory of the African continent from October 26 to November 7.

The joint exercises is held in accordance with the international military cooperation plan and were targeted to strengthen and develop military cooperation of the two countries.

More than 100 servicemen of the Southern Military District take part in the episodes from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


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