Joint Air Defense Units of Russia and Egypt Will Protect the Airfield Near Cairo During an International Exercise
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 05, 2019)
The active phase of the joint Russian-Egyptian exercise of the air defence forces "Arrow of Friendship-2019" has started on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

During the exercises, joint Russian and Egyptian units marched in the composition of the mechanized and automobile columns and took up positional areas for cover conditional Egyptian airfield from air attacks of mock enemy. Anti-aircraft gunners will also provide air cover of the tank connection which is in the initial area, from fire influence of planes and helicopters of the opponent.

Joint divisions of Buk-M2E, Tor-M2E and Shilka-M4 and Russian-made Igla-S portable air defence systems were involved in practical actions.

The imitation of the tank unit is performed by soldiers of the Egyptian land forces on vehicles BMP-2 of the Russian production.

To bring the situation as close as possible to the combat, Egyptian units of radiation, chemical and biological protection are involved, which indicate a conditionally contaminated area, and they also mask the redeployment of troops, position and starting position of the air defense system.

The joint exercise of the air defence forces of Russia and Egypt, "Arrow of Friendship-2019" is held for the first time and takes place on the territory of the African continent from October 26 to November 7.

More than 100 servicemen of the Southern Military District take part in the episodes from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


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